Hayride Films was formeetf_12_temp001d when writer-director Eric Ford Holevinski attended New York Film Academy and began producing short films. At school and beyond, Eric has built a community of actors, musicians, and crew who share his passion for making dynamic, fun material.

Eric grew up shooting video in the Michigan woods on his parents’ camcorder. He and his friends from school would make home video versions of their favorite movies — most of them horror films. Over time, the videos got more sophisticated, though they maintained certain traditions: one camera with an internal microphone, no scripts, and no editing. Music was provided by holding a boombox off-camera, and if someone broke character, they would rewind and record over the take. Everything was shot in sequence using title cards written in magic marker. While primitive, this workflow developed skills that proved invaluable as Eric began taking on more serious projects. Eric’s film sets are known for being fun yet efficient, creative yet orderly — just like when he was making movies with his friends.

Eric is based in New York City, where he most recently worked as a video production coordinator in the medical industry. The film catalog continues to grow along with the Hayride team.