Star Trek 420: Borough on the Edge of Forever

After ingesting tainted brownies, Dr. McCoy jumps through a portal to Brooklyn circa 2008 and alters the course of history. Can Kirk and Spock repair the timeline, or will Kirk’s love affair with a beautiful young hipster compromise the mission?

Eric developed the original idea for Star Trek 420 in March of 2013, while watching old Star Trek episodes. He noticed that when Kirk and Spock traveled to 1929 in the episode City on the Edge of Forever, they were dressed the same way hipsters in Brooklyn did in the present day. One idea led to another and Eric envisioned a Star Trek parody where the Bones travels to 2008 and gets mixed up in drugs and indie music.

Starring Matthew Thomas Burda, Erika Santosuosso, Sam Haft, Mark Robert Turner, and Priyank Rastogi
Music by Mark Robert Turner, Afterbirth Monkey, and Tatyana Kalko
Running time: 15m